Performance Facials

At Skin Solutions we differentiate our facials by time not by treatment, thus making sure your current skin concerns are treated individually and appropriately. Your Corneotherapist will choose and customise your unique treatment and products based on available time.

*All first time facial guests are required to invest in an Observ Skin Consultation at time of facial treatment if not had previously. This investment in your skin is redeemable off any one product at the time of your facial treatment.


Redeemable on 3 products prescribed.

Skin treatments custom designed for YOUR skin can only begin when we truly understand the current health status of your skin. A detailed analysis allows us to properly diagnose your skin in order to recommend the correct treatments to provide you with the best results.

In your consultation your therapist will cleanse your skin, discuss your concerns and view your skin under the Observ Skin Diagnostic Device and thoroughly assess the health of your skin by taking up close, microscopic images of your skin. We investigate the major cause of your skins condition. We believe that this is the most effective way to provide results.

To assist us in learning more about your skin health and skin care routine, we encourage that you bring along a list of any medications that you are currently taking and your current skin care and make up products.

You will then be prescribed a personalised home and clinic treatment plan to achieve your desired results.

30 Minute Treatment : Allow 40 mins : $85

60 Minute Treatment : Allow 70 mins : $125

90 Minute Treatment : Allow 100 mins : $175*

*(Max+ LED & Specialised Mask included)

CIT : $350

(Includes CIT Treatment and Max+ LED & Follow up 30minute Treatment)                                                                                                                

Collagen Induction Therapy takes advantage of the skins natural healing mechanism and regeneration using skin needling. CIT creates a biological chain of events where essential minerals and proteins are discharged and new collagen and elastic fibres are regenerated. Any clients with concerns of ageing, scars, pigmentation, lack lustre skin and sagging will benefit from CIT.

All CIT guests must have a consultation or facial prior to treatment.


This is a 30-minute treatment that consists of a deep cleanse, customised serum application and 20minutes under the Max+ LED.

A great treatment for in between visits or on the day of an event.

Treatment Enhancers

Each treatment performed at Skin Solutions is individually catered to your specific needs, your corneotherapist will inform you of any treatment enhancers that will be appropriate in your treatment to get you to your skin goals. Each enhancer provides additional benefits to further the effects of your treatment.

MAX+ LED : $32

Max + LED is a non-invasive, safe treatment that is designed to combat signs of ageing and problematic skin. Max + LED does this by encouraging cellular communication that improves on dull complexions, tone, inflammation and congestion.


This settings mask is applied all over the face and sets into a rubber like consistency, infusing products deeper into the skin all while soothing and calming any inflammation, leaving you with an improved barrier functioning skin.


Designed to intensity the infusion of actives, helping them to penetrate deeper into the skin through inclusion targeting specific skin concerns.


This treatment is designed to hydrate and strengthen the eye area.

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